4 Ways to Prepare for a Big Storm

LightingAlthough meteorologists can make forecasts about how strong a storm is going to be, we’ll never be sure how much damage it could cause. This is why it’s best to keep these tips in mind when the tropical cyclone season rolls around:

Have alternative cooking methods

Cyclones can disrupt or damage utility lines so make sure you’ll still have a way to cook your food if the gas or electric lines get cut off. A kerosene stove with its own portable fuel tank is a good alternative since it can do its job even if you’re out of power and gas. Just make sure you stock up on kerosene beforehand as you wouldn’t know how long your utilities would be out for.

Make an emergency kit

An emergency kit is a bag that you should be able to carry with you in case you need to evacuate. Stock up on non-perishable snacks and meals. Also, get plenty of bottled water in advance. Moreover, you should have basic medications and other first aid essentials to treat possible injuries and sicknesses. Do not forget to bring flashlights, whistles, and extra batteries.

Charge your electronics

It is best if you charge your smartphone or laptop before the storm hits. These devices may be your lifeline to the outside world if you’re unable to leave your home. Conserve the battery as much as possible and stay up-to-date on any developments.

Keep a list of emergency numbers

Always make sure that you have a copy of all the emergency numbers in your area. You should also take down the numbers of any local media institutions so you can help them inform others of the conditions in your area.

Despite our best efforts, we really can’t predict how bad a storm can be once it makes landfall. Make sure you minimize the harm it could bring you by being prepared and keeping the above mentioned tips in mind.

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