4 Priceless Ideas to Prepare Your Items For Storage

Posted on by Ted Wideman

Storage Unit in PerthIf you’re moving to a smaller house, have excessive items or you’re looking to move away temporarily, storage is an excellent option. However, there is a lot that goes into the storing process. For you to effectively store your belongings, you need to have a plan and make preparations before you rent a storage unit. This makes the process much easier and prevents damage to the most fragile items. Here are some great tips to help you prepare your belongings before renting storage units in Perth.

Get the packing materials

You’ll need packing paper, moving pads, moving blankets, cardboard boxes of different sizes and the tools you’ll need to dismantle furniture and appliances. Stackable boxes are a great option as you can easily organize and transfer them. When packing lighter materials, you can use large boxes. There are dish pack boxes suitable for breakable items and dishes for good protection.

Label everything

Having your items stored for a long period can leave you confused if you don’t remember where you put specific items. Use color-coded labels on your boxes to make the identification process much easier, an expert from Perthmetrostorage.com.au advised. Have a description under each label indicating all the items you’ve stored in a particular box.

Pack carefully

When packing cookware, glassware or any easily breakable items, use a lot of cushioning both at the bottom and above the items to protect your belongings from damage. Pad the hollows of your furniture using furniture pads, sheets or towels.

Take inventory

Have a list of everything that you pack. Knowing what you’ve stored means that you don’t have to frequently visit the unit to know what you stored.

Once you’ve packed your items, you can now find a storage unit that perfectly fits your belongings. Be sure to check if they have climate control and safety features to keep your items safe.

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