3 Warehouse Organisation Tips You Should Try

Warehouse OrganizerIf you run a busy warehouse, then you’re no stranger to the challenge of keeping things running efficiently. It’s a difficulty warehouse managers face all over the world. True, great warehouse organisation is easier said than done, but it’s something any manager can pull off if they’re set on it. Here are three smart tips to get you started.

Rethink Your Storage

When was the last time you took the time to think about storage in your warehouse? If you’re constantly running out of space, then the best solution is to take a second look at how you store your inventory, advises Containit Solutions. Consider better storage solutions like stillage cages, which can handle up to more than a ton of merchandise while taking up little space.

Clean Your Warehouse

A clean warehouse allows your employees to move merchandise much more easily. Yet, many warehouse managers seldom take this fact seriously. If you can allocate just two hours per week to clean your warehouse, you’ll be surprised by how much efficiency improves. You may even find several missing orders in the process.

Remove Clutter

Sure, it’s a warehouse, and there’s lots of stuff in there, but that’s no reason to keep it messy with stuff you don’t need. It paints a bad picture to visitors, staff and suppliers. It’s also a sign that revenue might be getting lost. So go through your warehouse and take note of everything you don’t need, from piles of ancient files to racks you no longer use and take them all out.

Your warehouse plays a central role in your supply chain, so you need to keep it well-organised at all times. If you keep the space lean and efficient, you boost productivity and, therefore, boost your company’s bottom line.


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