3 School Outdoor Areas That are Important for Student Development

Outdoors Activity for Kids

Outdoors Activity for KidsNowadays, more schools see the benefit of converting outdoor spaces into areas that promote a holistic student development. Campus grounds now host not only parked cars or cycle shelters for schools but also dedicated areas for hands-on learning and wellness activities.

Here’s a look at some of these school outdoor areas:

Outdoor classrooms

Among the popular alternative learning facilities these days are the outdoor classrooms. These classrooms do not actually have four walls but are more like gazebo-style structures with benches along the sides. They are often used for teaching geology, farming and even art subjects.

By having classes outside, students at least get to see and feel the natural environment whilst they are learning. Even if the subjects are not about nature, teachers can still use outdoor classrooms to make learning more interesting for students.

Sustainable gardens

It is never too early to teach students how to lead healthier lives and take care of the environment. This is where sustainable school gardens can useful. Through gardening activities, students can get hands-on experience in making a compost, as well as planting, growing, harvesting and consuming organic fruits and vegetables. With this experience, schools hope students will eventually get into the habit of growing and consuming their own garden produce.

Dual-Purpose playgrounds

In many schools today, playgrounds serve as areas for both unstructured play and guided learning. Still, the main goals of letting students use playgrounds remain the same: to help them stay active and learn the values of fair play, sportsmanship and camaraderie. With the unstructured play, students are greatly encouraged to use their imaginations.

On the other hand, play activities guided by teachers (e.g., scavenger hunts) are mostly geared towards developing the students’ problem-solving skills.

With schools now making better use of outdoor space, students have more opportunities to learn hands-on and engage in wellness activities.

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