2 Facts to Know about API 653

Image of a white metal fuel tankStoring sensitive and hazardous substances such as gasoline may require using a tank. Depending on the material, it helps maintain the right temperature and provides enough ventilation. It can also prevent leaks. In other words, it keeps your environment, animals, and humans safe while maintaining the quality of the stored material.

But because of the risks and nature of the substances, many states require regular inspection, maintenance, and repair of the tanks. The guidelines depend on many factors including the size.

What Is API 653?

API 653 is a standard developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API). It outlines the best practices for people who are using above-ground steel storage tanks. For the tanks to qualify, however, they need to be more than 50 feet in length or 30 feet in diameter.

This standard also covers tanks that meet the criteria for API 650. It refers to welded ones that usually store oil, produced water, and gasoline. It can also keep chemicals. It maintains an internal pressure of no more than 2.5 psi. Lastly, it includes tanks under API 12C, since this is a predecessor of API 650.

Overall, API 12C and API 650 have been around for many years, but these standards cover only those newly built. API 653 came about to address issues facing the existing ones.

What Does It Cover?

API 653 has a wide coverage. It involves inspection, alteration, reconstruction, and repair. But the scope of the work includes the bottom, structure, roof, and first threaded joint, among others. It also looks into the welded connections of the tank.

Under the standards, only professionals can perform an API 653 tank repair or inspection. It may be someone who has enough expertise and experience, based on the requirements of API, or a person who is certified.

For your safety and compliance, don’t forget to read the entire guidelines on the link above. Most of all, when in doubt, look for a certified API 653 specialist to help you.

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